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The bathroom and showers are an integral part of a house. To say the truth, some homeowners like to show off a little bit with their showers and bathrooms. It is no wonder these areas are usually given top priority when it comes to home remodeling. Other than home remodeling, the shower areas may need regular repair and maintenance to ensure that they work optimally. When shower repair is mentioned, many people quickly conclude that fitting replacement and plumbing repairs is due. Although this tasks are necessary from time to time, another area that requires attention is the walls and tiles of the shower. This article will discuss shower waterproofing using the ultra-bonding technology. Read more about this here.

Most shower rooms are designed to release water from a pivotal shower point which on most occasion is stationed above the head. Other showers are also hand held. What is common about all shower rooms is that the water that is used during shower time is deposited on the shower floor. Once the water drops on the floor it is drained from one focal point. When the shower is in use, the water drips and splashes all over the shower walls. This tells us one thing, that the shower and the walls should be shower proof. This prevents the water from sipping into the walls or running out to the floor adjacent to the shower cubical. For this to happen, the shower has to be waterproof.

Ultra-bonding technology is widely used to water proof or repair leaking shower walls and floors. This method uses special tools and spreading material that is used as a glue to seal or hold the surface material in place. Remarkably, this method of installation and repair is highly efficient, convenient and cost effective. When a homeowner opts for ultra-bonding to waterproof their shower, they can resume the use of this facility in a very short period of time. To be precise they might have to do without the shower for only one day. See page for more details.

The material used to carry out ultra-bonding is strong and yet it dries up in a matter of a few hours. The material used is also pocket friendly compared to other methods such as demolishing and replacing the floor afresh. Using ultra-bonding technology is advantageous because one can fix a tile over another tile. This means that instead of carry out extensive demolition to repair leaks, the contractor can leave the leaking floor and put a thin PVC or light tiling on top to the existing one.


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Shower Waterproofing Using the Ultra-Bonding Technology